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About the Conference

MAY 3 + 4 2024

Collide Conference is a multi-church young adults conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba that exists to make a space for young adults to pursue God and be led to find truth, identity, and purpose in Him.


When God moves amongst us it’s as if we experience heaven on earth. Collide exists to create atmospheres where young adults make space for God to move in their lives and lead them to find truth, know their identity and find their purpose in Him.


We see revival happening in our young adult communities throughout Manitoba and Canada. We see people being introduced to Jesus, falling more in love with Him, and gaining a greater understanding of who He is and who He has created them to be


As we embark on our mission to create a place where God brings heaven to earth we will do this through:
We gain an understanding of heaven through the teaching of Scripture.
We experience heaven through worship.
We wait upon heaven through moments of rest and pauses.


What to Expect

This is our second year of Collide Conference and we couldn’t be more excited to create an atmosphere for young adults to experience heaven on earth! At this two-day event we will have 4 main sessions with worship, teaching, panels, and so many fun moments!


On Saturday there will be two breakout sessions that will allow you to dive deeper into topics that interest you. Whether you’re coming exhausted from the season you’re in or with more energy than ever, our hope is to make you feel like you’ve walked into a place where you belong and where you can experience Jesus through biblical teaching, worship, and connecting with others!

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